Out of the thousands of people doing good work to safeguard the poor and out of the billions who dream so and do nothing, This SIKH Sanstha has made a move that is inspiring millions!

This shop in Miller Ganj, Ludhiana, is a place where you may pick up anything and everything for Rs 10. Astonished much as to how? Read on…


Taking from Shoes & clothes to everyday necessity items, this store has everything that costs Rs 10. This store is being run for the welfare of the poor and needy. The store is being run through Noor Sewa Sanstha, who pick up unwanted and disposed off clothes from the neighborhood, wash them clean and make them wearable and sell them at Rs 10. The money that is collected is again used for the welfare of the people. One member from the Sanstha has even donated his shop for the cause.


“Come let us do something good for the masses who have been left behind, those who cannot afford even the basic necessities and bring a smile to them. People may connect with us or come to our store and share whatever they have that can be shared for good”, says Gagandeep Kaur.

Inspired much? You may get in touch with the Sanstha at 9915254112, 7696731000 and be a part of a positive change!

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